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Are you ready for the wilderness experience of your dreams?



Reindeer Lake is the second largest lake in Saskatchewan and the ninth largest in all of Canada

30 miles from the nearest settlement

Target hungry Walleye in shallow water that feed aggressively and hit your lures hard

Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Lake Trout

The Lake Trout are abundant and the next world record could be swimming here

Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Northern Pike

Trophy Northern Pike in the 40" - 50" size class and weighing from 18 to 50lbs

Chase Arctic Grayling on light tackle and experience the ultimate northern rush

Our veteran guides know this lake and these fish. Having spent their entire lives hunting and fishing these waters they can put you on the spot on any given day.

It's just what they do!

We cook, you smile

It doesn't matter if it's a tasty shorelunch, hot, steaming breakfast, or a hearty dinner we have got you covered. All your meals are included. No worries. No fuss.

Enjoy hot, home-cooked meals and red hot fishing.

Every building was hand built and designed for your comfort. Each log cabin has a woodstove, water heater and 3-piece bathroom.


There's nothing like a hot shower to relax your muscles and get ready for another day of battling monsters.

Relax, in comfort

Every evening you can explore the island and the place you will call home during your stay

Enjoy modern amenities in the most remote camp on Reindeer Lake

Experience an evening fire under the northern night sky or in the main lodge


Ens Outfitting was formerly known as Wilson's Lodge. Established in 1956 it was the second fishing lodge built on Reindeer Lake and has hosted thousands of happy, satisfied anglers over the years. Now set to take on guests for the first time in over a decade Ens Outfitting has upgraded systems for the comfort and improved experiences of all future guests.

Powered with a new vision and driven by the legacy of Reindeer Lake, Ens Outfitting wants to make your angling and hunting dreams come true. 




Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Boating

There are several different fishing packages available depending on your desired length of stay and fishing experience.

The season runs from early June to late September



Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Beach

Accommodations and meals only for corporate retreats or family reunions. Fishing add-ons available.

Available throughout the season: early June to late September

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