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It simply doesn't get better than this



"Every day on Reindeer Lake is the adventure of a lifetime. Whenever your line hits the water there is the chance you are about to catch the biggest fish of your life"

A "Normal" Day

Finish up breakfast and meet your guide down at the dock. Fire up the engines and go. Head out and target the species of your choice. Chase trophies, go with what's biting best or mix it up. No problem, it's your call!

Fly Fishing

If you dream of tackling monster northerns and hungry lakers on the fly then our guides are ready to get you onto the fish. 

Bring your heavy rods because you're going to need them!

Fish Your Own Lake

Ens Outfitting has rights on 10 additional lakes close by.

These lakes can only be fished once a year, and so it could be all yours. Can you say unpressured fishing?

"Reindeer Lake has over 5500 islands. No matter what the conditions are like you can always find calm waters and hungry fish"

A "Normal" Day

You don't have to travel far to start catching fish, and big fish at that. There are plenty of spots that your guide will take you to. You could fish here your entire life and never fish it all. Trust us, we know, and we know where the fish are.

When you take off from the dock it's all about you and finding the fish you want to catch. Choose the species you want to target and go for it. Are you looking to break your PB, land a new species or are you going for the grand slam? You set your to-do list for the day and we'll work on helping you hit your goals.

Fish 'til you're hungry then stop for a shore lunch which your guide will prepare for you. Once you're done enjoying the freshest fish on the planet it's back to the fishing and keep going until your arms hurt.

Slide back into the dock at the end of the day wearing the smile that says it all. Have a hot shower and head to the lodge to share the day's best stories by the fire before dinner is served.


Catching 40"+ northern pike on top water flies has to be one of the ultimate experiences. Or wait, what about catching numerous 10 - 20lb+ lake trout that can tear the line off your spool like a freight train? Hmm, maybe the ultimate rush would be tackling eager arctic grayling on light rods and dry flies?

Here's the good news, you don't have to pick because at Ens Outfitting you can have it all. Our knowledgable guides can put you on the fish and then it's often as simple as placing the fly in the right region. The growing season is short this far north, so when the water temperature is right these fish feed aggressively. They don't pass up a meal easily.

Whether you are chucking huge chunks of fur for the largest predators or spotting and casting to rises, Reindeer Lake is the ultimate destination for your next fly fishing adventure. You probably won't want to fish anywhere else after you experience this.

Fly Fishing


Fish Your Own Lake

There is a unique opportunity available to you. We have the rights to 10 lakes in the area surrounding Reindeer Lake. These lakes are seriously restricted. Some of these lakes only allow anglers to fish them once per year.

That's right, if you get to fish one of those lakes, nobody else is allowed to touch it for the rest of the year. This is the adventure within the adventure that promises to give you the most unique experience possible. Some of the outpost lakes are fishable more often, but these are some of the most unpressured waters on the planet.

Remember, we are just opening up again, so these fish haven't seen a hook in 15 years or more. There aren't many places where you can access opportunities like this. If you're curious about these lakes, let us know. We'd be happy to tell you more about them!


Book now and let the dreaming and anticipation begin

Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Walleye

3 Days Fishing

Friday - Sunday

Book the weekend fishing trip to beat all other trips.



Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Arctic Graylin

Day Use Lakes


If you are interested in fishing one of the restricted lakes contact us and we can discuss the details


Contact Us

Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Lake Trout

5 Days Fishing

Monday - Friday

If 3 days isn't quite long enough enjoy the best "work week" of your life



Ens Outfitting Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Fly In Fishing Northen Pike

7 Days Fishing

Sunday - Sunday

Spoil yourself with the full week and really get the chance to explore the possibilities



Check the prices in your local currency

All Fishing Packages Include

  • Meals (including shore lunches)

  • Lodging

  • Boats

  • Guides

  • Transportation by boat from Southend, Saskatchewan (flights can be arranged at extra cost)

What's Not Included in Packages

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